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I'll start off by saying that I suck at rearranging equations and doing complex maths... which is why I use Maple :) (I've got an old copy of Maple 8, which I use rather infrequently since it's not often I need to calculate complex equations). Right now, I have the equations below: S1 := ((R+(D1*sin(90-x)))^2+(D1*cos(90-x))^2)^(1/2); S2 := ((R-(D2*cos(x)))^2+(D2*sin(x))^2)^(1/2); eqn := (L1/(k*(S1^2)) + L2/(k*(S2^2)))^(1/4) = T; I need to make R the subject of the last equation (R is contained in S1 and S2). To do this I'm assuming that I just need to type "solve (eqn, {R});" to make R the subject but if I do that, I get this:
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