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@Markiyan Hirnyk 

thanks a lot for remarkable reference
best wishes by Fereydoon Shekofte


Yes master i understand the trick of two polygon with epsilon distance

But it cause double work for hardware to deal with them !

I am not familiar with directx or opengl programming a lot !

But i remember there are options for back face culling ... Or similar tasks that will done by Gpu itself !

Are you sure today Gpus nvidia or intel .. Doesn't support automatic coloring of both faces !!!

Markiyan Hirnyk

If there were many fans like you for providing mathematical proofs through Maple ! then in the near future our computer algebra system not only could solve problems symbolicaly even can be a great assistant for helping to underestand proofs more easier

anyone know ? whether both face rendering of polygons are built in the modern GPU ?

Problem  Solved  by Chinese Mathematicians ?
but i could not find any comprehensive materials on web how they expained the solution ?
how they did use power of computer for finding proofs ?

thanks a lot Kitonum

it must be very useful for research on pixel based shapes

dear Alsu did you stop posting topics ?


I am proud to Hail Erik Postma

Kitonum thanks a lot

   I admire all  the Maple developers and their team work spirit !

To be a mathematician demand the creed of Pythagoras ... Einstein that made millennium. names for humanity !

Unlike the Stefan wolfram that prefered marketing rather than the Creed of a real Mathematician !

he assuming himself as a prophet like Moses and wrote huge book as Tora and all the rest of mankid must obey the only ten commandments he manage ...




@one man 
if i don't speak so foolish !
i guess your model can be extended so that it simulate a wheel that find its path in a weary road ?
somthing related to tires movment physics !

welcome and nice subject

thanks a lot !
it is so interesting for me !!!

Thanks a lot for your valuable solutions !

The collection of works you published here are prototypes for advanced facilities !

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