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Best wishes for MapleSoft

Simulation of optics and simplifying physical problems of light or photons is nessesary for simpler understanding !

@one man 

Is it possible to find integer coordinates for shapes in pixel defined form ?

I mean something like bresenham line algorithm in 2d or like 3d objects you can see in Minecraft games !

The Name Of Real Mathematicians Are Eternal.

@Carl Love excuse me sir

Just misunderstood !

I assumed the offered algorithm here maybe generalized or extended to such domain...

Also the very similar question is to Check if the matrix is a magic square or not , although diagonals must ticked !

Very amazing !

But if you put the equivalent plot in Cartesian coordinates for comparison too , helpful for better understanding ...

Very attractive, thanks a lot

If a Singer perform it may be we can feel it better 

@Marvin Ray Burns 

You are so brave !

Sense something new to me here .

Watching to see the best from you ...

Can we use the primary versions of Maple as FREEWARE ?

Are there any download link for then ?

I wish to have a collection of Antique Maples  

@vv  High Level Mathematics Needed !


thanks a lot !

now I am glad on maple logical machine !


your answers are always surprising !

thanks a lot ! best wishes and great success in 2020 !

@Carl Love 

thanks a lot Dear Carl Devore for the release of most complete Maple worksheet at this topic !

for help to people Please register and contribute your work in The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

and share the link too ?

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