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Hello.I could use some help to solve the folowing system, please.

Basically I have the 4 unknowns (A,P,C2,alfa)and I want to know their values by changing values to "a2" (eg. varying a2 from [0;80]).

With another software I solved matricially the EQ2;EQ3 and EQ4 for P,A and C2 with different values of a2 and then I replaced the P,C2 solutions (for each a2 value) on the EQ1 and tooked the value of "alfa" for each corresponding "a2". At the final I had the 4 unknows solved varying the "a2" value.

Hi, Solving a non linear eq. system I got the solution posted below. Here I only show one solution for a certain value of "a2", but in fact I got n rigs as n values of "a2" I am interested.

The Question is:How can I isolate a value from this solution,for instance to create a vector with the several "P" results for each solution given.Thanks,JPA

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