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I am sorry if this was already mentioned in previous posts but I can not find it. I am dealing with plotting the solids of revolution. It is easy when you have explicit function form, for example 2-x^2. Then, when you want to rotate it around x axis and plot the obtained solid you could write:

> p := plot3d(2-x^2, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi, x = -sqrt(2) .. sqrt(2), axes = frame, coords = cylindrical):
> plots[display](p, orientation = [90, 0, 120]);


Is there also a possibility to fill the region (area) between for example the curves x^2 and x^3? I can not find it and I am afraid it is not possible.

I am sorry, this question is not strictly related to Maple (but could be in some sense). If I am solving some simple system of ordinary differential equations I can obtain both analytical (symbolic) and numerical solution. Thanks to condition numbers I am able to quantify the error caused by rounding (in the analytical solution). Numerical methods make approximations and errors arising from them can be also computed (and in Maple can be controlled by abserr, relerr).


is it possible to search for only real discontinuities? There is a discont command and you can see in the help that it finds discontinuities over the reals. But it searches also over the complex domain. Can I restrict the command only for the real domain? I tried to use "assuming real", "RealDomain", but nothing works.

You can try the following example function: f := x-> 3/(1-exp(1/x)):

The only real discontinuity is in 0,...

I have found out another problem with a maplet slider. It can not have a noninteger value. I put up with tickmarks which could be visible only for whole units (integers), but why there is not a possibility to obtain for example a value "0.4" from a slider?

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