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I recently had a journal article accepted but was told that several of the graphs had to be redone because the axes were not thick enough to reproduce. Unfortunately, Maple has no way to edit the axes for thickness, so I had to export the differential equations to Matlab and integrate them there to get publication quality graphs. I have been having more trouble every year with the quality of Maple's graphics output, and this really puts a cherry on it. I would be pleased as punch if Maple could include a graph editor that would let us customize a graph to make it presentable to publishers. Maple does so many things so well it is a shame to leave this on the back burner.

Hi folks. I have several applications that require multivariate (usually three variable) polynomials of degree at most n in order to fit data. Is there an easy way to generate these? I have in the past just written them out, but it seems inelegant, and one could easily mistakenly leave out a term when constructing a trivariate poly of degree 7, for instance.

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John Starrett

I have noticed that for 3d plots with a lot of info, when I export them to eps format and subsequently view them, say with adobe acrobat, the figure is filled in sort of from the back to the front. There are points in the rear of the figure (or what was the rear in the original) that are subsequently overwritten by points in the foreground. Thus, it seems that exported eps of 3d Maple plots have some sort of 3d info in them.

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