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These are questions asked by JoshuaLeiter


I recently began learning how to 3D print with maple using the "Export & .stl " command together.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to increase the surface thickness for parametric plots and implicit plots. My hope would be to increase the "extrusion level" so to say.

I came across:

But I am not sure how to extend this idea to a parametric surface or an implict surface.


One more quick tidbit is that I will be trying to print several surfaces arising in differential geometry and algebraic geometry. Severel of these surfaces are open and or have singularities that I would like to "smooth out."


I would love to hear any ideas and thanks!


I am currently trying to plot the function: sqrt(x^2+y^2-c), where x & y are variables in cartesian coordinates, and c is an arbitrary real constant. I came across a jagged edged plot when I asked maple to plot:

sqrt(x^2+y^2-c)       *** Code below ***


So I entered in the "Re" command to take the real part:


This smoothed the plot out at the ring x^2+y^2=1, but however also added what looks like a solid disc as well. Is there a way I can plot the function correctly without this disc in the middle?



I would like animate a function with multiple variables. At the moment my code in maple is:


plots[animate]( plot, [A*sin(B*x), x=0..10], A=0..2, B=0..2 );


I would like it to increase in amplitude when I run the A animation, and increase in frequency when I run the B animation. I want them to both be in the same graph , say have A=0.5 while B=0.5. then I could run the B animation with the amplitude fixed.

It would also be great to run them both at the same time.

Can someone help me?



P.S: I'd eventually like to manipulate "implicitplot3d" with multple variables being animated at the same time.

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