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Hey all, I've been using Maple for a while, and for the most part, my scripts/procs have been pretty small, but they're steadily getting bigger. When they're too big to enter directly into a worksheet I use Vi which has worked great, but it'd still be nice if there was an editor designed to work a bit more closely with Maple. Anyway, this summer I'll have some time off, and I was thinking about writing a language-aware editor for Maple. Is this something that you, as Maple users, would find useful? If there's enough interest, I'll probably start working on it next week. Also, if anyone's interested in contributing, I'll certainly be writing it in either GPL Qt (C++) or Java (MFC runetime characteristics probably aren't that important for an editor :) ).
I'm sorry, this seems like such a trivial question, but how do I input information into Maple on different lines without executing the execution group? For example: Rather than [> EntryGenerators[Add]("NumDigits",[["5", [5]],["10", [10]],["20", [20]],["50", [50]],["100",[100]]]); I would like to enter it as [> EntryGenerators[Add]( "NumDigits", [["5", [5]], ["10", [10]], ["20", [20]], ["50", [50]], ["100", [100]]]); But I can't seem to get a new input line without executing the group. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Joe
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