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Hello. I will post 4 images of what I want to ask because I think it is a little difficult for me to describe it. I want to plot the energy transfer as shown in the images but I have no idea how to even start in the first place. Our system moves only on the x-axis and we give energy on the first oscillator of the first line. The only methods I know of ,are for 2 ode equations (equilibrium points, phase portraits etc). Any help would be extremely helpful.

Hello. I have the PDE

u_t + u_xxx = 0

And the function u(x,0) = 2 / cosh2(x)

I want to plot it on the u(x,t) - x axes on 2D plane. And then make more plots as time passes in order to show that u(x,0) disperses. 

Thanks for any help.



I plot  F1:=1/(x + μ) + x - 1 and on the graph i get the line x = -μ. How can I get rid of it? I try the discont option but I get an error. Do I need, maybe, a specific with command?

The command I use is the next one:


diagd1_1 := implicitplot(F1 = 0, mu = -8 .. 8, x = -4 .. 4, gridrefine = 5, crossingrefine = 15, rational, color = blue, thickness = 2, numpoints = 100000, resolution = 3000, rangeasview)


The error I get:

Error, (in plot/options2d) unexpected option: discont = True



Thanks a lot !!!



I have the ode 

x' = 4 * lambda * x^4 - x^6

and I want to plot the phase portrait with x be the horizontal axis and lambda be the vertical axis.

Also, I want to plot the arrows showing the stability of the fixed points as lambda is changing values.

Thanks !

Hello. I want to use the command verify but with two variables. For example:

verify(x^2 + y^2, 0, {'greater_equal'});

but I get FAIL as an answer. I tried adding before the verify command assume(x, 'real'); assume(y, 'real');

but notihng changed.


Thanks for any help.

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