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inequal({Re(ecs1) <= c, Re(ecs2) <= c, Re(ecs3) <= c}, Dm1 = 0 .. 1, c = 0 .. 1, color = "DodgerBlue", numpoints = 8000, transparency = 0, labels = [D[m1], c], axesfont = [16, 16], labelfont = [16, 16], axes = boxed)

Hi there, 

I have this issue when I try to name my label to Dm1 I get back "VectorCalculus:-Dm1". I know that after I have the figure, I can manually change it but I have many of them and want to save them automatically, therefore it would be necessary to immediately get the right label. 

Are there any suggestions? Maybe a different way, how to write subscript?


Thank you for your help!


Hi there,

Is there any way to fill a region/area with symbols (e.g, '+' symbols) or dashed lines etc, other than colour? 

restart; with(plots); with(plots, implicitplot);
pm2 := .5; dm2 := .14;

inequal({pm2 > dm2+am2}, dt = 0 .. 1, am2 = 0 .. 1, color = "SkyBlue", numpoints = 8000);


something like:

 (I just made in Paint to show)

Thank you!

Hi there,

Can someone explain to me why is it happening? If smaller equal than coloured well, if smaller then just the equal line appears. Why?

dm1 := .23; pm12 := .7; dm12 := .23;
inequal(pm1*(dm12+am21)-pm12*(dm1+am21) <= 0, pm1 = 0 .. 1, am21 = 0 .. 1, color = "Nautical 1");


inequal(pm1*(dm12+am21)-pm12*(dm1+am21) < 0, pm1 = 0 .. 1, am21 = 0 .. 1, color = "Nautical 1")

Thank you!

Hello everyone,

I would have a question about how to colour a region of complicated inequalities.

I'm curious about the region where my 'lambdas' are all negatives regarding the parameters 'pm2' and 'am2', but I always find difficulties even if I try with implicitplot or inequal commands. Also, I would like to put into the same graph with different colours when they are separately smaller than 0.

I've already tried plenty of things, I hopefully attached some pics by snipping tool about them.  And here is an example of my problem:

p61w:= implicitplot([lambda61 <= 0], pm2 = 0 .. 1, am2 = 0 .. 1)

in61 := inequal(lambda61 <= 0, pm2 = 0 .. 1, am2 = 0 .. 1)





So, the main issue that it is not just coloured where my condition is true, but elsewhere too. In plot 'in61' as you can see, there is a region approx. pm2=0..0.6 where it shouldn't be coloured since my condition is not true there. In the graph; 'display(in61, p61w)',  it is visible that under the red line should be just coloured however my 'inequal' command coloured it outside too. 

Also, I tried with implicitplot, for example:

p6 := implicitplot([lambda61 <= 0], pm2 = 0 .. 1, am2 = 0 .. 1, filled = true, coloring = [blue, white], transparency = .5)

But the result is similarly wrong. And I'm not sure why it happens and how can I fix it.

(It's okay if for example for these particular lambdas (lambda61,lambda62) never negatives together, but I have more systems and I don't think it works properly)

I read similar questions too but I couldn't find an answer so, I would very appreciate any suggestions.

This is my first post in Maple, so please let me know if I have mistaken something.

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