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These are questions asked by Lonely


please help me here. I want to simplify the expression:




I just compied it directly from maple

please help me here:

I want to find the coefficients a, b , c of the following quadratic polynomial:

 P(x) = a*x^2+b*c+c

I know the following:

1. P(x0) = d

2. Derivative(P(x0)) = e

3. P(x1) = f

4. Derivative(P(x1)) = g

Thansk in advance.


new comer to Maple




please help me here:

I have a polynomial:

P := x->a*x^3 + b*x^2+c*x+d:

Now, first i want to find a, b, c and d. I know the following:-

1. value of P at x0 let it be e. 2. value of derivative of P at x0, let it be f. 3. value of P at x1, let it be g 4. value of derivative of P at x1, let it be h.

i used the following command:

solve({P(x0) = e, (D(P))(x0) = f, P(x1) = g, (D(P))(x1) = h}, {c, d, a, b})

but i am not getting any output****

now i want to solve P(x) = 0


Please help!.

How to do the following with Maple:

1. Create two power series:

  p1 = e + c1 e^2 + c2 e^3 + c4 e^4+ ....

  p2 = p1 + 1

2. Find division of power series


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