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Hi all,

I am helping a friend on this. We would like to evaluate the
convolution of

f(x)=exp(3 * x) / (1 + exp(x) ^ 5).

However, in Maple and Mathematica, using symbolic calculations, after computing the integral in closed-form, the
convolution results in numerical oscillation (lots of spikeness). We
don't know why. We just couldn't get rid of the spikeness.

Hi all,

I am helping my friend on this issue.

We have some numerical computation which involves a lot of "log(g)*g" and we have to evaluate these for g on the interval [0, 1]. The reason that 0 is included is that because the singularity at 0 is removable.


In Maple:

help! How to make Maple cancel the common expressions in both
denominator and numerator?

As you could see, there is a g^(2/3) which is a common factor...

I really want it to be removed.

Thanks a lot!

Hi all,


I am helping a friend.

Please see the two expressions that we would like to convert from Maple into Matlab:


In the first one, why doesn't Maple first calculate g1^(2/3) and g2^(2/3) as common expressions, then use them to calculate the whole expression?

The (0.1e1/0.3e1) stuff looks very bad.


In the second one, we just couldn't get Maple to cancel the common factor g1^(2/3) in both numerator and denominator before doing the conversion to Matlab.

Hi all,

In Maple, I am integrating a function involving the "erfc" function,

the final integral result has no explicit form, but should be able to
representted as a "\Phi(.)" function, where the "\Phi(.)" is the Gaussian
distribution function (cumulative).

Is there a way to force the following integral to output in the form of
"\Phi(.)" in Maple?


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