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Could you pleasу tell me, is it possible to make MapleSim not to simplify equation set of my model and solve equations without simplification? I want to do this because simplification process (reduction of equations number) takes too much time in comparison with integration process.

Thank you!


I've got a question about model integration process.

I've tried to solve quite complex mechanical model and this messages have appeared.


Computing initial conditions...
Iterate re-initialization...
CreateDataRecord: using dsolve method=rosenbrock_dae
Generating configuration 1
Integrating configuration...
Re-initializing after event at t=4.94271387307997e-009...


I'm trying to solve numerically an ODE system with piecewise. And this piecewise is very important for this task.

This system describes behavior of a pulley with friction. There are some constants: m, c, g, mu and J. Values of this constants are not important.

> sys := m*a(t) = piecewise(a(t) < a0, F0*time, a(t) >= a0, 0), v(t) = diff(x(t), t), a(t) = diff(v(t), t);
> m := 5; F0 := 10; a0 := 5;
> initialconditions := x(0) = 0, v(0) = 0;

Hello, MaplePrimes!

I want to create a custom component to model dynamics of a movable pulley, which can rotate and move along some direction (translational motion). I’ve got dynamic system, which describes both motions of a pulley. Some information about this dynamic system:


Hello, MaplePrimes!

I want to create a custom component to solve a pulley dynamics problem using MapleSim. But I don’t know, how to do it, I’m a beginner in MapleSim.

So I decided to start my work with a simple model – I decided to create a custom component, which is equivalent with a standard component from MapleSim component library – Wheel Axle.

I’ve read a Help topic on Wheel Axle, from where I’ve found out differential...

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