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@acer works like a charm!

Thank you :)

@Preben Alsholm I've already tried that myself and it works. However I convert to .vtk since I deal with 3D plots. It creates and loads the files rather slow though...

@tomleslie Ok, I tried this:

mypath := FileTools:-JoinPath([currentdir(),"myplot.jpg"]):
for i from 1 to 10 do
    p := plot(i*x^2,x=-1..1):
end do:
fn := FileTools:-JoinPath([currentdir(),"myplot.jpg"]):
surfdata(image = fn)

but as you can see the plots are overwritten and I need to have them as seperate .jpg-files.

However when I use surfdata(image = fn) the plot is very blurred, it adds axis to the plot even though it already has axis.

@acer It works now!!

I used Tabulate from your example to override the print statements, therefore I don't have to run it through the terminal due to numerous print statements.

Also, I no longer need to use plotsetup in order to show the animation.

I'm able to run the program explicitly from the code editor region :)))

Ok from the online help I get this:

Plots can be created for various output devices.  A list of all supported devices is given below in the Devices section.  Help pages that describe Maple's plotting features assume that plots will be displayed in the Standard Worksheet interface.  If you are using a different interface, see plot/interface.

clicking next on the plot/interface I get this:

The command-line interface produces a simple character plot. Most plotting options are not supported in this interface.

Well, I do use the command-line so maybe it's not possible at all what I'm trying to produce...

@acer I can see how to use and apply what you suggest, but I still can't make the plot-window pop up.

I've tried every plotsetup-argument from the:    plotsetup(help)       but none of them seem to work when running from the terminal.

@Axel Vogt Hmm sounds like a nice alternative. I don't care if the animation pops up as long as it is saved somewhere on my computer.

I've also been using a program called "Fenics" to simulate partial differential equations. Here, when you solve a problem you can have the progress printed to the terminal while having the solution displayed as an animation. You can choose to save each "frame" and then after the computations are done you can use these frames to create an animation.

It's actually this very behavior in Fenics that I want Maple to show.

So, is there an easy way in general to save "frames" of an animation, which you afterwards then use to re-create the animation?

@Carl Love I get the error:   Plotting error, no plot device driver for plotdevice=window

In my code it's just an animate() function that I use to create my animation, so it makes me wonder why I get the such error.

Maybe it occurs because I run from the command-line?

I also tried:      plotsetup(maplet)      when running from the terminal and the maplet actually pops up, but without any content...

I see, that's exactly what I was looking for. I'm gonna update to Maple 2015, the fact that I don't get to know which line causes an error is annoying indeed.

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