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Hey everyone,

I'm using printf to print out the following:

printf("Absolute error = %.10f \nRelative error = %.10f", abs(fractionPart-binarySum), 100*abs(fractionPart-binarySum)/fractionPart)

however, it's tedious always having to edit the two occurrences of "10" decimal places. Is there a way to define a variable like decimals := 10 and then refer to it inside the quotation marks in printf?

Hi folks,

I've come across this project which involves large algebraic expressions and I need to be able to simplify it using Maples in-built features, but with no succes.

The problem involves trig-functions. For instance I have several expressions involving:

       cos(v)*sin(w)-cos(w)*sin(v)       which I know equals     -sin(v-w)

but even if I use simplify, trig, size and so on it won't apply the above identity. Btw there are several other identities that aren't applied either.

Is there any way to "force" the above identity into consideration??

Hi everyone

I've come across a RAM-issue.

My program creates a lot of plots using millions of variables-values and it eats up my computers memory since I use the plots to make an animation.

The plots are simple 3d plots created using the surfdata function.

How do I save plots into a single file as the program creates them concurrently such that after the program has terminated I can use the plots to create an animation?

and how do I efficiently delete variables I dont not need anymore?

Hi everyone, this is my situation:

I've created a program inside a "Code editor region" within "Document mode" which I execute by pressing CTRL+E within the code editor region.

The program outputs an animation of the solution to the heat equation.

The thing is, the program contains some for-loops and I want to print some text in the end of each iteration within the for-loops so as to track the progress, e.g. I want to have printed        "The equations for time level k out of m were set up"

The problem is that in document mode you will get a huge amount of text added to your document which you'll have to delete, if you print about 1000 times.

So my question is:   Is it possible to use the "Command-line Maple 2015"-tool and/or modify the way I've set up my program such that the print statements are outputted to the terminal AND the animation pops up in a seperate window?

I've tried to run some simple commands in the maple-terminal such as:


but somehow the terminal displays it using regular text-symbols and stuff. I thought that it would just open up some seperate window, displaying a graph-plot as you would normally see in maple.


Hi everyone, I'd like to know if it's possible to use the startup code editor as a general editor when writing large programs. It nicely recognizes keywords such as "if" and "proc" and you can indent code using TAB. However I'm not sure whether you can/should use it as a general editor to run code. I've read something about user-profiles related to the startup code but I just don't understand how it works.

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