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Dear friends, 

If you import a table of 1-dimensional data assuming it normally distributed. Any command in Maple to generate the interval of normal distribution?

Hi got this set of error using the Plot package. Anyone here know what they mean? 

I have been trying to figure out if there is any command in Maple where you can find the self-intersection points of a vector valued function in Maple? Other than having to type the equations manually into fsolve?  

Like shown in this 2013 post.

I have a student who then she uses tools/assistent/import data and then the file then Maple claims the Excel file is empty? She uses Maple 2021.2. File works on other my and other student computers. 

Maple is usually very fast, and I recently upgraded to 2022 edition. 

However in the new version, I tried to solve this equation here. 
solve(1 + 0.15 = (1 + r__x)^1.28858)

It took Maple 2022, 46 to 118 sec to come up with a solution to the above. I run Windows 11 latest version, have 32 GB of ram and dual NVME disks in my laptop. 

Windows 11 uses almost a Gigabyte of memory do this calculation. 

So what could be wrong? Is mserver not working proberly?

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