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Does anybody know why Maple's support of PDF is so poor? I posted a forum topic entitled "PDF support" in the past but didn't get any satisfactory answers. Suppose that I want to automatically generate a bunch of PDF files in Maple and manually saving each one as PDF isn't an option because it is too time consuming? Am I the only Maple user who has ever encountered this option? A search of the web seems to indicate that this is the case. I want to use Maple over Mathematica, but this is one issue that has prevented me from making the switch (permanently) so far. I am currently running Maple 10.04 for Mac on OS 10.4.8 on a G4.
It would be really nice if Maple would include PDF support in the future. More and more people are producing content directly in PDF (with pdflatex for example) rather than PS. PS isn't even directly supported on the Mac directly; it is always converted to PDF before it is displayed. Most printers can process and print a PDF file directly. Does anybody else wish Maple could produce PDF?
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