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When the numerator of a quotient is a negative integer, Maple puts the quotient into parentheses and the negative sign before the quotient (not with the numerator). Here is an example:

a1 := Generate(integer(range = -10 .. -1));
Limit(a1/(x-3), x = 3, right);

I would like to have the negative sign with the numerator and to remove the parentheses.

I tried to export the limit in MathML, but it didn't work.



I'd like to display a UNsimplified mathematical expression in a Mathcontainer component using a Button component. In Maple Help under Mathcontainer, it is writing that we can display a unsimplified expression using the value attribut. For example:

Do(%Mathcontainer0(value) = a^2*b/a);

should display the unsimplified expression in the Mathcontainer0 component. And

 Do(%Mathcontainer0(expression) = a^2*b/a);

In a Button, this command enables us to display in a Mathcontainer a Delta  (Delta). 

D(%Mathcontainer0 = 'Delta');

However, I want to display Delta y. (Delta y). If I write

D(%Mathcontainer0 = 'Delta y');

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