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I would like to get to the numeric values that are calculated by creating a plot using implicitplot.

Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.


from an fsolve where I solve 2 variables (fout and u2)  I get get this anwer.

ddmax := {fout = 0.3873538368e-1, u2 = 9.708916648}

However they are not allways in the same order, somethimes u2 is listed first. So how can I determine which value is listed first.

Thank you for any solutions to this.




I'm trying to optimize parameters in a implicit function. I can create a plot of the function using implicitplot. But I now need to find the maximum and minimum in a given range. How to do this. 


I opened an older worksheet (from version 9 I think) and opened it in version 10. In the new version it produces different results.

In version 9 the solution found with the solve function included sinh and cosh terms. The new version uses their exponential forms. The expressions are now much bigger, but are probably the same in effect. However I would like to get the Maple9 behavior for this solution.

I have tried the convert (function,trigh) but that didn't result in the clean function I got in earlier version.

Any ideas?



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