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Hi: Does anyone have any insight into the following: I have Maple programs that use the following pattern: restart; commands; . . . I run such a program and it runs perfectly. I then go back to the beginning, including the "restart" and run the SAME PROGRAM with NO CHANGES. It (sometimes) runs differently!! Still gives the same answer, but sometimes the order of elements is changed, sometimes variables have "-" signs outside brackets with the variables inside the brackets also changing sign. I can exit Maple, reload the program and it doesn't always do the same thing. This is not unique to one program - it happens a lot with different programs I have written.
Hi: The following statements (output from a previous Maple calculation) results in a computer "freeze" when run under the latest version of Maple10 (Classic Worksheet) on a Windows XP machine. Definition: "freeze" - cursor halts midscreen and the machine refuses to respond to any keyboard commands, including ALT-CTRL-DEL 1. Can anyone reproduce this? WARNING - do not run this program if you have other windows open with data you want to retain. 2. Can anyone suggest how I can get the terms (1/x)^(-n1) and x^(-n1) to cancel? I've tried "simplify", "collect" and "combine" without success.
Hi Maplers: I'm probably spoiled, but maybe Maple can actually solve the following type of problem and I just haven't figured out how. Solve a recursion equation in two variables: f(m+1,n+1) = some expression involving combinations of f(m,n) etc. I am impressed with "rsolve" that magically finds solutions to f(m+1)=... i.e. a single variable. With great effort I have managed to figure out my 2-variable problem using generating function techniques, but perhaps Maple can do the whole thing in one great big single step. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I can't find anything in the Help.
Hi: In one part of my calculation, I need to assume some properties for a variable; later on, the assumption is no longer needed so I clear the variable. After that, I cannot manipulate any of the previously calculated expressions containing that same variable. Here is an example. How do I get around this? I really need to clear the variable for other reasons. Thanks Mike restart;assume(n>0); > test:=-5/81*n^5+b*n^4+c*n^3+d*n^2+e*n+f; 5 5 n~ 4 3 2 test := - ----- + b n~ + c n~ + d n~ + e n~ + f 81
Hi: The follwoing snip contains two identical procedures. The first call fails, the second call works. Why?? restart; test1:=proc(a,b,c); with(combinat,permute); perm1:=permute([a,b,c],3); end proc; Warning, `perm1` is implicitly declared local to procedure `test1` test1 := proc(a, b, c) ... end; test1(a,b,c); permute([a, b, c], 3) test2:=proc(a,b,c); with(combinat,permute); perm2:=permute([a,b,c],3); end proc; Warning, `perm2` is implicitly declared local to procedure `test2` test2 := proc(a, b, c) ... end; test2(a,b,c);
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