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How do I create a symbolic sequence with a variable number of elements, so that later I can come back and set the number of elements to an integer? Maple has inert forms for many functions (e.g. Sum and sum), but there does not appear to be anything like "Seq" which would be the inert analogue of "seq".

Here are some of my attempts


Maple 11 did a reasonable job of breaking up long output being exported to LaTeX, but it wasn't always

perfect. I had hoped that Maple 15 would do better, but it seems to do worse.

I can't get it to split long output lines into anything reasonable. The latex command is even worse.

I've tried every "export" option I can think of, without success.

Here is an example (see below):

Does anyone know how to induce Maple 15 to export the following Maple result ...

In the following examples I attempt to remove integer multiples of Pi from sin/cos. Nothing works.

Why? How do I make it work?

Thank you.


> term2:=cos(3*Pi*a+2*Pi*n);
> term3:=cos(3*Pi*a-2*Pi*n);

                     term1 := cos(Pi (3 a - 2 n))


I just downloaded Maple 15 and am trying to install on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine.


About halfway through the installation, there is a step where you are either supposed to supply the path to a batch file that will supply the environment variables that will locate Microsoft Visual C compiler, or supply them later as an option. The instructions say that Maple has a default batch file that will do this, but when that option is chosen, nothing shows up in...

Howcum the first of the following two statements does what the "help" says it will do, but the second statement doesn't?


Better yet, how can I make the second statement worK?

Thank you.


> convert(hypergeom([a, b],[e,f],1),Sum);
> convert(hypergeom([a, b, c],[e, f],1),Sum);


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