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I have three lists: [x],[y1] and [y2] and want to plot y1 and y2 against x.

The command

pointplot(x,y1) gives me what I want for y1 and

pointplot(x,y2) gives me what I want for y2, BUT

I can't figure out a way to put y1 and y2 on the SAME plot against x instead of two separate plots.

There must be a way... any suggestions?



I am running a home network, XP and Maple 11 on the old computer, Win 7 and single-user Maple 15 on the new.

It took a long time, but I finally got a wireless network running, so that Win7 on the new computer can open and access all the files on the old computer.

But when I run Maple15 on the new computer and try to open an old computer file, Maple 15 cannot see the old computer or any of its directories, even though it has a "network" tab on the "open" command.


I asked Maple to evaluate (using "evalf") an infinite sum and it says (very quickly) that the answer is identically 0 (not 10^(-7)).

When I numerically  evaluate a large number of terms of the sum, the answer gets smaller as the number of terms increases, so it seems that Maple is probably correct. The fact that the answer is immediate suggest that Maple is doing some analysis rather than adding a large number of numerical values.

I'd like to...

This is a continuation branch of the thread "cut/paste" won't work..." See point #1 below.

1. Why won't #$%^ Mapleprimes editor let me reply to the original post? I press "add comment" and I get pointed back to the branch two steps back. Anything I write comes out blank when I submit, so now there are two blank replies credited to me! Does that give me points I don't deserve?

2. Classic worksheet isn't "still there". It says so in the readme that classic worksheet...


I have a worksheet with a fairly complicated expression. Suppose it is of the form A:=B.

In red I have


and just below it, in blue I have


Now I highlight the blue "A:=B", press CTRL-C, move to another worksheet, postion the cursor next to a blank ">" and press CTRL-V. The blue statement appears in the new worksheet, BUT...

It only appears in red (i.e. executable) if the blue statement "A:=B"...

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