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There are some excel sheets that cannot be read w/ Maple 2023 that were read w/ Maple 2022.
I attached an example.ImportFerrites.maple
Does anyone else experienced this issue or has a solution?

Error, (in PD/PD) too many levels of recursion

x := 19.073*Unit('m'^4*'kg'^2/('s'^6*'A'^2)); simplify(x); Units:-Simple:-simplify(x); Units:-Standard:-simplify(x); Units:-Natural:-simplify(x); convert(x, units, V^2); # None of the simplify commands do anything. Is there a way to get the last result?

How do you modify the column widths in an already created table?

why does the command Matrix(2, 2, undefined) create the following

Matrix(2, 2, [[undefined(1, 1), undefined(1, 2)], [undefined(2, 1), undefined(2, 2)]])

instead of simple undefined for each item?

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