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expr_optimize := fSW__Ratio_Tol[XU5]*f_ratio__SpreadSpectrum[XU5]*(R34^2*k1__RT[XU5] + R34*k2__RT[XU5] + k3__RT[XU5])/R34^2;
seqUnknownRanges := R34 = 5.640*10^4*Unit('Omega') .. 6.160*10^4*Unit('Omega'), k1__RT[XU5] = 4.054*10^4*Unit(1/('s')) .. 4.054*10^4*Unit(1/('s')), k2__RT[XU5] = 1.593*10^11*Unit(1/('F')) .. 1.593*10^11*Unit(1/('F')), k3__RT[XU5] = -2.645*10^15*Unit('m'^4*'kg'^2/('s'^7*'A'^4)) .. -2.645*10^15*Unit('m'^4*'kg'^2/('s'^7*'A'^4)), fSW__Ratio_Tol[XU5] = 0.950 .. 1.050, f_ratio__SpreadSpectrum[XU5] = 1 .. 1.250;
NLPSolve(expr_optimize, seqUnknownRanges, 'useunits', 'method' = 'modifiednewton', 'optimalitytolerance' = 0.101);

NLPSolve returns this message "Warning, convergence is not assured; examine Hessian values, or consider raising tolerance"

How can I capture this message in a procedure and take appropriate action?

I would like to read data from a google sheet document. I can download a local copy to excel format, but then I'm no longer tied to the origional file.

The netlist in the attached Maple file will not solve. 
It will solve if I remove

.CONS Vx=v[D]-v[S]

from the netlist.

Syrup returns a 2 element list of [eqs, vars] that can be easily solved using the solve command as shown in the attached file


The following code is attempting to pass 'debug' through 2 procedures

p1 := proc(a, b, {debug::truefalse := false}) print("p1", debug); a + b; end proc;
p2 := proc(a, b, {debug::truefalse := false}) print("p2", debug); p1(a, b, 'debug' = true); end proc;
p2(1, 2, 'debug' = true);

The result I get is 

                           "p2", true

                          "p1", false


How can I get the value of debug in my call statement to p2 to be passed to p1?


I have been performing symbolic solutions on netlists using Syrup, and then performing worst-case analysis on the result using the ranges of all the variables.

I would like to add ifelse and/or piecewise linear expressions to my Syrup models. Using symbolic analysis, I can get multiple sets of results from Syrup based on the conditional statements. I'm thinking that if I could put Syrup solve inside my worst case analysis procedure and submit numeric values to Syrup, that the conditional expressions could be solved for.

I think there is something similar that can be done with Dynamic Systems.

Does this request make sense? Is it possible?

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