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I would like to create a database of component information. I have previously done this using a table which is indexed by the part number. Each element is a DataFrame, which includes several items with values and at least 2 DataFrames. The 2 DataFrames are extracted from a Spreadsheet with 2 tabs, that is stored in a Maple Workbook. Each DataFrame has an name for the row and 2 columns; Description and Value. The Description is text and the value is a single value or 3-element list with unit. Such at [9, 10, 11]*~Unit('ohm')

Anyway, I'm wondering if this is the most efficient way. I'm also wondering if there is a way to create such a database so it can be used with other software tools, primarily Mathcad and Excel.


According to the help page for optimize

"The optimize function makes use of Maple's option remember facility to identify common subexpressions in linear time and space. This means, however, that only those subexpressions which Maple has simplified to be identical are found. For example, the expression 
                            "x + y"

 is not recognized as being common to  
                          "x + y + z"

. That is, optimize performs mainly "syntactic" optimizations."

Is there a way to more efficiently calculate a set of expressions that have common factors as in the example above?

There are some excel sheets that cannot be read w/ Maple 2023 that were read w/ Maple 2022.
I attached an example.ImportFerrites.maple
Does anyone else experienced this issue or has a solution?

Error, (in PD/PD) too many levels of recursion

x := 19.073*Unit('m'^4*'kg'^2/('s'^6*'A'^2)); simplify(x); Units:-Simple:-simplify(x); Units:-Standard:-simplify(x); Units:-Natural:-simplify(x); convert(x, units, V^2); # None of the simplify commands do anything. Is there a way to get the last result?

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