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Hi Every one. I was trying to solve three point boundary value problem but cound't get the solution. any help? 
u1 need to plot  -1..0 and u2 from 0..1 and shown in a single doamin -1..1


ans := dsolve(eq);

how we get exact solution of the given system of equations correspond to boundary conditions.
and how we can plot its solution?

ode:=[(diff(f(eta), eta$3))+beta*((diff(f(eta), eta$2))^2-f(eta)*(diff(f(eta), eta$4)))+(1+lambda)*(f(eta)*(diff(f(eta), eta$2))-(diff(f(eta), eta))^2)= 0,diff(theta(eta),eta$2)+pr*(f(eta)*diff(theta(eta),eta)+Nb*diff(theta(eta),eta$1)*diff(phi(eta),eta$1)+Nt*diff(theta(eta),eta)^2)=0,diff(phi(eta...


 how i unsubscribe data/questions from maple prime?

i got error while running the code. 

restart; de := diff(f(y), y, y, y, y)+2*W*(diff(f(y), y, y, y))^2+3*(diff(f(y), y, y, y, y))*(diff(f(y), y, y))-(M*M)*(diff(f(y), y, y))+G*(diff(theta(y), y, y))+B*(diff(phi(y), y, y)) = 0, diff(theta(y), y, y)+Nb*(diff(theta(y), y))*(diff(phi(y), y))+Nt*(diff(theta(y), y))^2 = 0, diff(phi(y), y, y)+Nb*(diff(theta(y), y, y))/Nt = 0, f(h1) = (1/2)*F, f(h2) = -(1/2)*F, (D(f))(h1) = -1, theta(h2) = 1, phi(h2) = 1, (D(f)...

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