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@ecterrab But this method requires that we know the commutator beforehand.

If the commutator set is longwinded at a higher weight, it is hard to compute it. Fortunately we can generate the commutator using Lyndon basis as said in page 102 of

Let's say we have the following commutator basis at wight 6.

{[e[0], [e[0], [e[0], [e[0], [e[0], e[1]]]]]], [e[1], [e[0], [e[0], \
[e[0], [e[0], e[1]]]]]], [e[1], [e[1], [e[0], [e[0], [e[0], \
e[1]]]]]], [e[1], [e[1], [e[1], [e[0], [e[0], e[1]]]]]], [e[1], \
[e[1], [e[1], [e[1], [e[0], e[1]]]]]], [[e[0], e[1]], [e[0], [e[0], \
[e[0], e[1]]]]], [[e[0], e[1]], [e[1], [e[0], [e[0], e[1]]]]], \
[[e[0], e[1]], [e[1], [e[1], [e[0], e[1]]]]], [[e[0], [e[0], e[1]]], \
[e[1], [e[0], e[1]]]]}

How could I quickly (automatically) convert them to forms like (5) you given in the answer? I manually input the %Commutator=expand@... from weight 2 to 5 in (the process takes long)

@ecterrab That's a very good solution. Thanks

@ecterrab Thanks for the comment. I have modified it with an attached file.

I have changed the equation. (Smaller)

But it reaches stacklimit

I modified stack data in linux: ulimit -S -s 655360000

And also the corresponding


It still reported :

Execution stopped: Stack limit reached.

@Carl Love 

It seems that it can. Here is the output:


    |\^/|     Maple 2020 (X86 64 LINUX)
._|\|   |/|_. Copyright (c) Maplesoft, a division of Waterloo Maple Inc. 2020
 \  MAPLE  /  All rights reserved. Maple is a trademark of
 <____ ____>  Waterloo Maple Inc.
      |       Type ? for help.
> kernelopts(datalimit);                                                                                                                                                                                  


@Thomas Richard Hi, I made 375Gb swap and it still report this problem.

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