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Why you taking whole square of (exact-app)?

Thank you @sand15 .

But when I am using the command you have suggested it will not work. I have send you maple file.

Also , can you tell me how we can find L^(2) error for same problem.


If i have approximate solution fapp= x^(2)+423x^(3)/3+6789x^(4)/4 and exact solu is fexact= sin(x)/x. Also x belongs to [0,2] then how we can calculte maximum absolute error in Maple.



First of all thank you.

Is it the correct way to found the values of constant?

Because you already selected a[1]=2 and b[1]=5.0 and you get the approximate values of a[1] and b[1]. If we do not assign values of parameter then Nonlinearfit command will not give values of constant.


Whatever we assign the value of a[1] and b[1] we get the approximate value of assigned value?

So how we consider that the Nonlinearfit command gives exact values of a[1] and b[1].


Thank you.

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