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@Mariner:Ok, maybe i made my point not clear enough.  I just want to have the red and blue area in one single plot, not two plots next to each other.


thanks anyway 

yes Robert, that's a good idea, thanks.
Thanks for reply Thomas, but i'm not a student (anymore) who is under pressure with his homework. And in my opinion, Maple shouldn't be considered as a software teacher that gives you only partial solutions to problems to educate the user properly. There are also people who use it at work and paid (enough) money for it to get complete answers. I don't think Maple devs want to hold solutions or parts of it back, they just forgot to implement this tiny bit of information (i suppose).
Hi, why not just solve for V0 and then divide by Vs ?
to eliminate variables, check out ?simplify,siderels eq1:=0=c1*A1+c2*B1+c3*C1; eq2:=0=c4*A1+c5*B1+c6*C1; simplify(eq1,{eq2},{B1}): solve(%,C1);
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