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The help page describes it as a technology preview. I never use this because my mouse isn't precise enough.  What do you think, what purpose will it have later, besides finding missing symbols ?


for pictures like this i'd like to have an arc tool in the drawing part of Maple. One that lets me create a cleaner  arc around the angle u. Here I used the pencil tool instead.




whenever i want to plot a function without specifying an initial plotting range, for example by rightclicking on an expression and select plot, i get an y-range from 0 to 10^9 or worse. It happens  mostly when  the expression contains poles, for example 1/x^3. A better heuristic would be nice.



Hi, have a look at the pic. Maple has occasionally problems to combine solutions of an integral (and not only there) to a real term. One has to  do it by hand.  Are there any plans to improve this behaviour ?


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