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I really like this package:


But it seems to be impossible to intersect more than two areas:

inequalityplot(sin(x)+4*y>8 and x*y>1 and y<3-x,x=-2..4,y=-2..4,feasiblepoints=30);

It works if I leave out a condition:

inequalityplot(sin(x)+4*y>8 and x*y>1,x=-2..4,y=-2..4,feasiblepoints=30);

The procedure p gives an approximation for Pi. Idea is to place a unit circle in a unit square, throw in some random points (which eventually will be plotted into this figure) and count the points inside the circle. For large n, the quotient n_circle/n_square should tend to Pi/4. But for large n, there may be faster ways to program this, what would you improve ? But keep the principle of this algorithm as it is.  I'd love to have at least 200k points, but this takes annoying 25s on my machine on each run....

Is there a way to show posts in chronological order on Mapleprimes ?



I guess this is trivial, i just want Maple to apply the convert-to-product-rule:



i typed in sin(x)+sin(x+Pi/3) and looked for some related command in the context menu, but expand,combine or simplify or else didn't work.  What did i miss ?

I'm missing a command to generate Bell Polynomials in Maple. Only Bell numbers can be computed. Or are they somehow tightly related so that a separate command would be overkill ?

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