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Hi, one of our (potential) customers asked me if Maple is able to compute something...um... difficult. There is a thing called Primal Linear Program, which is given. The customer wants to compute the related dual program in a symbolic way. Is there a Package already implemented for such a thing ? I think it is related to business studies, anyhow. Thanks

when Maplesim derives the equations from an electrical circuit,  it renames components in a way that makes the equations bloated/unreadable. Simple example: a resistor R1 becomes `R1.R`, which is awkward for further use. Is there a global switch to change this ?


can Maple evaluate repeated compositions in a symbolic way?


expected result::





i want Maple to calculate this for me (0 <= a <= 1):


I know that there is a "nice" solution, best way to do this by hand is using contour integration in the complex plane, i think. But can Maple be of help here ?


Hi, assume we have two large nxn-Matrices A,B and we want to know if B is a Permutation of A, so A and B would have the same Elements, just in different places.
Because of the size of A,B, it has to be effective. What ist the best way to do this ?



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