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check out this deq:


Maple says it's an Emden/Fowler deq with the following form:

Emden_Fowler_ode := x^p*p*(diff(y(x), x))/x+x^p*(diff(y(x), x, x))+x^sigma*y(x)^n = 0;

I tried to change the parameters p,n,sigma so that it describes my deq, but it does not completely fit.
I use n=1,p=0,sigma=-1 and i get


How do i get in the missing constant 2 ?


Maple solves it correctly by the way.

if you google for Mandelbulb or look at this link:


you find some nice render pics. To program this in Maple, the complex number z in the "usual" mandelbrot iteration z->z^2+c needs to be replaced by... a vector from R^3 ? Or do i need quaternions ? A source for an algorithm would be welcome.  

Dear forum,

i have a MapleSim model that works flawlessly, no errors occur and the plot results are as expected. When i try to use a template however(Analysis, Equations), the following message pops up:

(in PiecewiseTools:-is) Wrong kind of Parameters in piecewise.


What could cause this ? Unfortunately, my model is not for the public yet, so i cannot show you the sheet.


Hints ?


assume we have a cooling box that we open for a time period delta t. The box may be opened on top, so no cold air gets lost. What is the best way to model this in Maplesim ? So far, i have a heat capacity as box model for the cold air in it. I modeled a constant negative signal   during the time window delta t  and connected  a prescribed heat flow component to it.


Is this a reasonable model  in the easiest case ?




have a look at this circuit, a simple Opamp-oscillator.  I can't get it to work with Maplesim, can someone show me how to simulate this ?

Btw it would be helpful if we could upload .msim files to mapleprimes. I renamed it to .doc, if you want the source.

Download 3795_oscillator1.doc
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