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I upped an example to show what i want. I need to connect the blue and yellow joint with a rigid body frame. The length of this frame should MapleSim derive from the initial position of this arrangement by itself (Spherical Joint S1 and Revolute R3 have strictly enforced initial conditions, yellow joint has a fixed position). Is there such a feature like inserting a frame between two given points in MSim4 ?

Is there already a command to convert a higher order DEQ to a set of first order equations? Coeffs may be not neccessarily constant or polynomial in the independent variable. Example:


should convert to


with A,B matrices and X,X' vectors of length 3

Can someone give a an example what the choices in tools/options/precision/ Digit Elision or term elision are good for ? The help page is unclear to me:





i want to fit the parameters of a function for a set of points in 2D, problem is, the function is not explicitly given as y=f(x), but in parametric form.


N := 200:
U := Sample(Normal(0, 1), N):
X := <seq(cos(2*Pi*i/N)+U[i]/5, i = 1..N)>:
Y := <seq(sin(2*Pi*i/N)+U[i]/15, i = 1..N)>:
ScatterPlot(X, Y);

Lets say i want to fit a,b of the parametric model function [a*cos(t),b*sin(t)], t=0..2*Pi


i'd like to know why Maple can't solve this equation:


What the best way to follow Maple's reasoning here when it tries to solve this, there are a few commands like trace and showstat, but they don't give much info to me. Is there a blog or guide where someone shares his experience in debugging ? 


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