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Hi, my procedure takes about 163 sec to calculate the list. Are there ways to accelerate this (except lowering the amount of points) ? Does my 4 core processor have an advantage here ?

f := rsolve({s(1) =0.3, s(n+1) = a*s(n)*(1-s(n))}, s, makeproc):
g := (n, i) -> eval(f(n), a = i):
t := time(): L := [seq(seq([i, g(k, (1/320)*i)], i = 800 .. 1280), k = 200 .. 300)]: time()-t;

#leave the plot out if you want

Hi, what are possible ways to exchange data between Maple and solidworks ? Assume i have a Matrix -created in Maple- that contains 3d data for a CAD model. Is it possible to pass this data to solidworks ?



Hi, is there a detailed list of differences between those 3 product lines of Maple ? Maybe additional packages for the pro version  ? Are worksheets, created with one version, completely compatible to other ?




have a look at this plot, i'm using standard worksheet (in classic this problem doesn't exist). 


Instead of -for example- 0,5 i want decimal points 0.5

Playing with the tickmarks option would do the trick, but a "global switch" would be better.

What to do ?




Hi, please help me to improve my clumsy code. I want a procedure that gives me the nth digit of Pi. I guess there's a much better way to do this, right ?

 Digits:=n+1: # make sure enough digits are available
 evalf(Pi,n+1);  # eval one digit more because the last one is rounded
 op(1,%);# make it integer
 convert(%,base,10); # convert integer to list of Pi-Digits
 op(2,(%)); # pick up the first not rounded digit
 end proc;


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