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Hi, i have the following equation system, for which i  already know the solution.


(-1/(20000*c1)-1/(20000*c2))^2) = 611.0987791:

1/(40000*c2))/((r1+r2)^2+(-1/(40000*c1)-1/(40000*c2))^2) = -8334.070796:

Hi, i have a dgl i want to transform:

y''-7y'+10y = (sin(2x))/x

The laplace command works, but how can i insert initial conditions ? The help page says:


 i have 2 inequal plots i want to show in the same window:

p1 := inequal({x-y <= 1, x+y > 0}, x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3, optionsfeasible = (color = red)):
p2 := inequal({y < 0, x < 0}, x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3, optionsfeasible = (color = blue)): display(p1, p2);

Obviously, this doesn't work. Each single plot works. What can i do ?



Hi, let's say i want the Integration Tutor show me how to integrate a function. Sometimes i don't know what the next step is, so i click the get-hint button. When it says "can you do a change of variables?" then i sometimes can't because i still have no idea. So i click "next step" and the result is shown. But i want to know what the substitution actually was, because it't not always obvious. But Maple doesn't tell me, for example, "t=2x has been applied" or similar. What to do ?
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