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Hi all,

I want to know how we can have the result which is made in Maple in Latex in a good style... I must prepare a report of it today, but when I copy the result from Maple to Latex, there're a lot of things to edit, also the results that are obtained from Maple are a lot, so it's very difficult for me to type it in Latex...

Please help me


Hi all,

Please help me to complete my plot. I want to insert colormap in the following figure...



plot3d([r, theta, 1.1679+1.245834194*r^2-7.929880866*r^4+16.16658823*r^6], r = 0 .. 1, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi, coords = cylindrical);




Hi all, I want to determine the roots of this figure that attached here. But the function has 5 parameters so the code doesn't work for it! Help me.

I have another question: The code that attached, determine the roots on horizontal axis, how could I find the values of root on vertical axis?In this figure I want to know the value of F(0) that cut the vertical axis?


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