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Hi all


I don't know why it doesn't work correctly? I want the final answer be in the form of De, U, UN not as beta1 and beta2

Please help me...

Hi all,

I want to rewrite the equation which is attached for you in order to have it in term of Nu. I want to write it such as below:

()*Nu^7+ ()*Nu^6+... +()*Nu+1=0

In the above equation the parameters in the parenthesis are function of k1&k2


Hi all,

I hope the best for every of you...

I wonder how it can be possible to plot this function (HeunTPrime) in Maple18???

Thanks a lot

Hi all


Please help me to solve this Integral...

Hi all,

I want to plot This attached figure in Matlab. As we know the HeunT function is not defined in Matlab. Now I want to get all the three curves Data for plotting them in Matlab. I have asked this some days ago and I got it. But now I want to get data for three curves instead of one.


Please help me.

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