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Hi all


I don't know what is its meaning???


The plot and the solved Zero-roots aren't coincident with each other...


Zero-roots: 7.532332868 Wheras from the plot we noticed that there's a root near 14...


And why this Code can't find other Zero-roots?


Thanks a lot

Hi all

As you know  in Matlab many Maple Functions didn't define. One of that is   HeunT  function. Now I want to plot that in Matlab, I'm surfing in the net, Unfortunately I can't find it...!

Please help me to get all the data points from my Plot in Maple so that I could plot those in Matlab.

Hi all

I want to analysis this beam  (a simple and a tip rotational spring) in Maple to find the first four Frequencies...

Please help me

plot3d([r, theta, -3.3203*HeunT(.4995036958*3^(2/3)/([1.1233, 6.8291, 12.2089, 17.4216, 32.9018, 53.2699, 64.3282]*[1])^(4/3), 0, (.3138423830*[1.1233, 6.8291, 12.2089, 17.4216, 32.9018, 53.2699, 64.3282])*[1]*3^(1/3), -.3258398511*3^(2/3)*r)*exp(0.5743565187e-1*r*(2.710463448*r^2+3))+4.9407*exp(-(.1148713037*(1.355231724*r^2+3/2))*r)*HeunT(.4277706929*3^(2/3), 0, .3525391488*3^(1/3), .3258398511*3^(2/3)*r)], r = 0 .. 1, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi, coords = cylindrical)



Hi all

I want to know if there's any plot for the function:


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