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Hi all, if there anyone eho couyld help me with this difficult problem. I couldn't solve the attached nonhomogeneous equation...

But I found one series solution which doesn't satisfy the command: odetest (Solution, ode)




M := diff(T(r), r, r)+(diff(T(r), r))/r+u*(-8*B*U+N)*T(r)+P*(r^4+r^2) = 0

diff(diff(T(r), r), r)+(diff(T(r), r))/r+u*(-8*B*U+N)*T(r)+P*(r^4+r^2) = 0




T(r) = BesselJ(0, (-8*B*U*u+N*u)^(1/2)*r)*_C2+BesselY(0, (-8*B*U*u+N*u)^(1/2)*r)*_C1+64*P*(1+(r^2+1)*(B*U-(1/8)*N)^2*r^2*u^2+2*(B*U-(1/8)*N)*(r^2+1/4)*u)/(u^3*(8*B*U-N)^3)



ics := (D(T))(0) = 0

(D(T))(0) = 0



dsolve({M, ics})

T(r) = 64*P*(1+(r^2+1)*(B*U-(1/8)*N)^2*r^2*u^2+2*(B*U-(1/8)*N)*(r^2+1/4)*u)/(u^3*(8*B*U-N)^3)






Hi everybody,

I want to solve this nonhomogeneous equation. Please tell me if it is true? I'm sure the BesselJ will not be disapper when the boundary condition is exerted... But the final solution showes the opposite one. BesselY must be disappear, because the boundary condition says in r=0, the solution is finite....


Thanks a lot.


Hi all,

I want to solve a cubic equation as is attached here. I solved it in my Maple file which is attached too. But mu result differs from that is showed in the picture. help me please.


Hi all


I don't know why it doesn't work correctly? I want the final answer be in the form of De, U, UN not as beta1 and beta2

Please help me...

Hi all,

I want to rewrite the equation which is attached for you in order to have it in term of Nu. I want to write it such as below:

()*Nu^7+ ()*Nu^6+... +()*Nu+1=0

In the above equation the parameters in the parenthesis are function of k1&k2

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