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I have a rather complicated expressions involving several parameters. The parameters are calibrated to some baseline. I'm interested in having a quick look at how changing each parameter changes the value of the expression. This is very standard. I wrote a procedure to create a list of values to the left and to the right of the base value for a given parameter. I then use that to look at my expression, to plot lists of expressions, and so on.

I thought I'd share this...

I'm sharing this in the hope it might help someone (my future self being the most likely). Since my suggestions are not perfect and a little messy, feel free to suggest better ways.

I spend a great deal of time tweaking my plots. Oftentimes I want to add labels to the curves right onto the plot. Most of the time it's easy to do. Occasionally I struggle. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I give up.

Below is an example of the kind of plot I sometimes create. It's not perfect.

I can confirm the bug is present in Opera/Firefox/Chrome and unpredictable. I just successfully posted a reply elsewhere but got a failure here. I'll try again and if it fails will post by "branching out", which seems to work every time.

I'm branching-off because I can't currently add a comment to the OP nor a reply to the follow-up messages (mapleprimes update bug so far confirmed with Opera, Firefox, and Chrome on both Windows7x64 and kUbuntu12). Mapleprimes administrators: feel free to move this post to where it belongs.

I think this is an awesome demonstration of Maple's plotting abilities. The first thing that comes to mind is that this worksheet could be used to promote the new Maple Player. 

@Carl Love 

Same here, I've tested Opera and Firefox. I haven't bothered trying other browsers because if it doesn't work with Firefox, the most popular browser, it may be considered broken.

But I can branch out alright...


@Carl Love 

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