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The following code works in one worksheet but not in another (where it returns the error in the title). What could be the reason?

[> restart:
    P:=display(polygonplot([[0,0],[0,1],[1,1],[1,0]], color=red,axes=none,style = polygon)):
[> exportplot("Test.jpg",P, plotoptions="height=30,width=30,quality=90");

In the worksheet (.mw) where it does work, I can't put the code in one command line unless the file is already there, in which case it overwrites.

In Matlab I can copy a Figure as a vector graphic and paste it into Adobe Illustrator, where it is perfectly scalable and it can be exported as a say 100cm by 100cm 300 DPI jpg file.

In Maple I struggle to produce similar quality files



How to get rid of the boundary

display(ellipse([0, 0], 2, 1, filled=true, color = red),size=[1000,500],axes=none);

or how to make the boundary the same color as the filled region?


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