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Hello everyone,

I have a problem when searching in a document. Namelly is there a way to search in the whole worksheet including all code editing regions?

In order to show a point, there is a worksheet. I determine a variable

x11:= 12;

This variable is used in the document and code edit regions. Then I want to change a variable name from x11 to x11data. In order to do that, I use Ctrl+F to find all the times when the variable is used. I have a problem while  searching 'x11'. Namelly, the cases outside a code edit region are displayed, and the ones that are situated in the code edit regions are not seen.

Best regards

Hello everyone,

I think that I accidentely deleted a file from inside of a Maple workbook. Is there a way to restore it inside of that workbook?



Hello everyone,

I have a question about adding references to a non executable math in a document. Namely, If we use an executable math there is a label that appears on the right of a formula. We can use it as a reference. However, there is no label when we use non-executable math. I wonder how can I refer to that, the point is to create a document with a references to formulas.

To illustrate the point I would like to create a text like the following :


X=2 (equation 1)

X=3 (equation 2)

.....Some text here......

From the (equation 2) we can achieve that ....



I have a question about fitting a function to experiemental data. The experimental data is Di = X(zi) +I*Y(zi) for a zi = [z1 z1+dz ...z1+dz*N], where zi are real values. I want to fit a complex function f(z,a,b,c) to the data zi and Di , where a,b,c are complex-valued parameters. Does someone know how to fit a complex function to a complex data? The Maple function that I found work only with real functions and data.

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