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I am generally dissatisfied with poor quality plots in Maple obtained with implicitplot3d. In particular, I have a polynomial in three variables x,y,z with 84 terms of degrees ranging from 0 through 12 and with integer coefficients. I have tried using options grid=[np,np,np] with np=40 and higher, and numpoints=k, where k = 1000, 10,000, 100,000, or even 1,000,000: the edges are visibly not smooth even though the size of the .eps file grows considerably to some 3MB. Question: Any suggestions how to improve the quality of the plot? I say right away that I do not have parametrization for that surface - only an implicit definition. Perhaps I should try to find it.
1. When Maple exports its worksheet to LaTeX, it converts each plot to an .eps file with /drawborder set to true in the .eps file as a default. I have found no information or a preference in Maple 10 that would allow me to change that default to false. Is there a way to change that default in Maple to false? If not, is there a way in a TeX file later to change that switch to false so that .eps figures drawn with \includegraphics command would appear without a border? I know I can open any .eps file in say MS Notepad and manually edit the line /drawborder true to /drawborder false, but I am looking for a smarter way to do that.
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