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I have found a solution to my own question. Maple 16 has a new package called FileTools and it has a command


which does what I need. It seems to be working very well.

Rafal Ablamowicz

I am still clueless about the error returned by march, but I thought to provide more insight how I forced that error. In my package for symmetric functions SP (included in my Maple library file library_M10.zip posted at http://math.tntech.edu/rafal/cliff10/index.html), there are several procedures that take time to compute. So I thought of equipping these proecedures with option "remember", and then saving their remember tables into the library upon closing the worksheet, i.e., unloading the module. Of course I also wanted to load and initialize these remember tables when the package is loaded. This can be accomplished with this line in the declaration of the module: option package, load=ModuleLoad , unload=ModuleUnload; where ModuleLoad and ModuleUnload are exported names in the module which accomplish precisely the above: procedure ModuleLoad loads stored remember tables and assigns them to the remember tables of several procedures. Procedure ModuleUnload does the opposite: It saves remember tables, most likely enlarged, into the library archive. Thus, the idea was that Maple would learn more and more and would be able to use previously computed results in future sessions without the need to recompute them. I have had a problem with saving the whole module the first time around into the library archive: Some internal Maple mechanism was apparently checking whether these saved remember tables were there, and since the first time around it was saved there, they were not there, it would not save the package even if I changed the above line just to option package; So, what I have done is in a separate worksheet I have just created some initial values for these remember tabkles, I guess they could be even blank as long as they showed up in the archive, so now I can savelib my module. However, I still cannot delete it using march('delete',path,name); and I get that error: Error, (in march) cannot lock repository What that means is that I have not found an easy way to just execute my worksheet that defines my new module and savelib into the archive unless I put there first at least blank remember tables. I have no clue what to do about this error that does not allow me to delete anything from this archive! Regards, Rafal Ablamowicz PS The beta version of SP is not documented yet. If someone is interested to see computation of group invariants for finite groups including S_n, syzygy ideals, Reynolds operator, etc., please email me.
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