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For many reasons, until recently, I have been always using Classic interface under Maple through Maple 16. When trying Maple 16 with Java interface I have noticed several quirks which were not present under the Classic interface of earlier versions through (at least) Maple 13. One of them is this:

The shortcut keys such as CTRL+Insert and SHIFT+Insert do not work and I am forced to use a mouse and copy/paste icons in Maple. This really slows down my keyboard...

I would appreciate a hint why Maple 16 Classic under Win XP 32 bit crashes due to the following sequence of commands

> dir1:="C:\\Maple16\\P16\\test1\\";
> path:=cat("dir ",dir1);
> ssystem(path);

with the lasst ssystem command doing the crashing while the same sequence of commands under Maple 13 Classic does not: Instead, system returns to Maple 13 worksheet the content of the directory "dir1" as expected.

Is there another way to issue that ssystem command?

I admit that I am clueless to this error message produced by 'march' > march('delete',libname[1],'a'); Error, (in march) cannot lock repository and a similar message produced by Delete from LibraryTools: > Delete('a',libname[1]); Error, (in march) cannot lock repository because: 1. There is my personal Maple library file in the path specified by libname[1]. 2. Issuing command > ShowContents(libname[1]); returns the library content showing that "a.m" file/name is there. 3. The library attribute is not READONLY but it is WRITABLE. What is going on? Any suggestions?
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