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With twenty years of Industrial experience and twenty years of teaching experience, I am now as retired Professor, using Maple to teach mathematics subject for students studying X to XII standards. Published XII Mathematics books.

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I find different commands for for different math expressions from mathContainer to be plotted in a plot component.

In the enclosed document, the mathcontainer expression plots outside, but not inside the plot component. What is the mistake, can any one tell me?


restart; with(plots)

inequal(`or`(`and`(`and`(3 <= y, x < 2*y+8), 2*y-6 < x), `and`(`and`(`and`(-5/3 < y, y < 3), x < 2*y+8), -y+3 < x)), x = -2 .. 15, y = -4 .. 11, optionsfeasible = [[color = "black"], [color = "red"]])


"In the following empedded plot componenet, it is not plotted. What is the mistake I am making"? Can anyone help?""



Code inside Click to Plot Button -  Edit Click Code

use DocumentTools in
plt:= GetProperty("MathContainer0",expression);
end use;


``In the plot component "Plot0" it is not plotting!!





Download Doubt4thMar2019_Plot_inequalexpressions.mw

Thanks to the answers received by mapleprime friends, I have made 2 documents. In both documents, i want the expression to be modified and shown in mathcontainer. In my earlier question  "Slider Commands - "value" or value or both are ok" ,   the command " SetProperty (MathContainer0, value,sin(x)" it worked. In the attached doc, it does not work. The same command in updateplot procedure, works, but incorrectly.

Thanks for clarification.

Ramakrishnan V



Function: Examples: "y = a+b*x+c*x^(2)+...; y = a^(x); y = a sin(bx+c)+d;  y = a f(bx+c) + d"

All valid input values for the function ( i.e. for x value, function exists) is domain. This can be visualized by a point in graph (x,y)


































Download doubt2_MathContainer.mw

In the attached document, I have made use of both commands as follows.



Both are working alright. How is it possible? Which one is desirable?




For sliderA, GetProperty(SliderA,"value") is used.

For sliderB, GetProperty(SliderB,value) is used.

Both are working alright. How? Which one is more desirable?



Download Doubt_on_SliderCommand.mw

Thanks for answering.

Ramakrishnan V

Dear friends,

I have attached a document with two commands  in slider0 for plotting the same graph in two plot components.
use DocumentTools in 
a := Do(%Slider0/100);
b := Do(%Slider1/100);

Do(%Plot0 = plot(sin(a*x)+cos(b*x^2),x=0..10,y=-3..3));
end use; 

I am just curious to know which one is better and when?







Download DoubtOnLatestCodesinEmbeddedPlot.mw

Thanks for answers.

Ramakrishnan V

Dear members, Can anyone help me, how to adjust the spacing between lines, sections in adjacent paragraphsand sections within a paragragraph.


"line 1"

" line 2  line 3"

Sec 1



Sec 2




How do I vary the spacing between the lines?


Download spacingDoubt.mw

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