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I created the following plot

plot([BesselJ(0, x), BesselJ(1, x)], x = 0 .. 10, color = [red, blue]);

What I want to do mext is calculate all x values on this interval wherethe two paths intersect

 Calculate all x values on this interval where

I am trying to solve the function

f :=  sqrt(1-x2)
L := int(sqrt(1+(diff(f(x), x))2), x = 0 .. 5)

Maple is returning an answer with Pi:  (1/2)*Pi+I*ln(5+2*sqrt(6))

How do I convert this into a numerical format?  


Am trying to integrat f(x)=x3/2 from 1-2 but can't seem to set it up properly.  

I am trying to make a contour plot of the function f(x,y):=exp(-(x2+y2)/3)cos(2xy)  

I wish to make a plot of the Bessel functions, J0(x) and J1(x) on the interval x=0 to 10.  

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