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Hi, is the JavaViewLib package 3.22 running with Maple 11? After: libname := "/home_zam/plch/maple/JavaViewLib", libname: with(JavaViewLib): (this works fine in Maple 10) I received: Warning, system/ssystem calls have been disabled in the options dialog. Any suggestions? With best regards. Roman
Hi, is there any other possibility to export Maple 3D graphic into VRML scene with axes and labels? When I use the plot3d(3*sin(x)*cos(y), x=-Pi..Pi, y=-Pi..Pi, style=patchnogrid,axes =framed, tickmarks=[3,3,3],grid=[50,50]); o:=%: vrml(o,`krychle.wrl`,tickback_color=brown,tickfore_color=yellow); i receive the VRML file with axes tickmarks as cubes. For an example of 3D graphics in VRML format with axes and labels see Holodraw. With best regards Roman
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