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These are questions asked by Ronan

Can you divide 2 polynomials with Real coeffs.   eg 1.87x3-2x2+5.789x- 3,2 by    1.5 x2+2x-1.4 to get the quotient and remainder? If so how?

I have these as outputs from comparing the coefficients. How do i assign the g2xyz totheir associated numbers.

eg at present g2000 is g2000. I need it to be 1.2e7. And so on down the list.

I have a 6 x 6 matrix. I want to employ Cramer's rule to solve Gx=Θ. I need to sequently substitute column Vector Θ into the matrix columns. I can't get this to work. I have only being using Maple for a couple of weeks so still finding my way.

I have a set of multi variate polynomial  equations. I need to setup a matrix [G][x]=[Θ]  Θ is a function of c1 and c2 up to 4th order terms

 My problem x=[c15, c14c2 , c13c22 , c12c23 , c1c24 , c25 ] these 6 5th order terms...

Thank you Your more general solution works very well. I am very new to maple so still struggling with basics.

How would I get maple to display each part of the output on a line, i.e. A,B,C,D prints on seperate lines.

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